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Our vision

Our philosophy is to bring the proximity of renowned industrial manufacturers to customers located further away geographically. We meet the technical requirements of our customers and provide tailor-made solutions.
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Our Mission

We are active players in the evaluation, commissioning and improvement of numerous industrial processes. We offer premium turnkey industrial systems as well as high-precision laboratory equipment.
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Our Process

Whatever your industry, we have the technical solutions adapted to your needs. We also provide spare parts and wear parts to ensure the continuity of your operations.
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Our team

ProXyns, specialist in technical support, collaborates with Labomasse to offer expertise and innovation in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, ensuring efficient and local industrial support

About us

         Our name, ProXyns, reflects our commitment to being close to both our customers and our suppliers. We work hard to facilitate any process of importing and exporting industrial machinery. With over 18 years of expertise in industrial and customs processes, we are able to provide quality service and resolve issues related to international logistics.

Our Services

Distribution of industrial equipment ​

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Services, spare parts and consumables.​

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Consulting & Formations

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Industrial Process

Proxyns specializes in the field of Industrial Process (industrial process). Its goal is to guarantee its employees the best of tomorrow’s industrial processes.



Proxyns is also present in the metrology sector. Metrology is the set of disciplines related to measurement. It includes legal metrology and industrial and scientific metrology.



Proxyns is also involved in the agri-food sector. This area encompasses the phases of processing, conservation and marketing of products located between the agricultural stage and that of consumption.

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